Description : Mahagun-mezzaria

  • Bathroom: 3
  • Bedroom: 3
  • Feature:
  • Facing: East
  • No.of Floors: 32
  • Parking space:
  • City: Noida
  • ? 1.76 to ? 3.43 Crore

Property Description

Leisurely walks and backyard BBQs under the stars. This is everyday reality at Mezzaria. Where home is among trees and hedges, pathways and trails, brooks and streams, and each moment with loved ones is celebrated. It’s where nature embraces you with open arms, and never lets go. When you have your home in one of the luxury condominiums of Mezzaria, overlooking magnificent vistas on all sides, your views simply have to be beautiful and grand.

  • Project Type Apartment & Pent House
  • Unit 3, 4 & 4 BHK + Media Room
  • Area Range 2500 - 6000 Sq.Ft.
  • Location Sector-78, Noida
  • 34 levels of distinctive architecture of the majestic tower is a sight by itself, spiraling skywards, dramatically different from every angle you view. Mahagun’s goal is to deliver developments that are finely crafted, where proportion and the use of authentic materials are constant, and where considered thought and quality of finish shine through in every development, from inception to completion. We offer a structure constructed using aluminum shuttering, for betters strength and finish. IGBC Certified green building, confirming to gold standards, at mezzaria we offer Energy efficient materials, air conditioning, lighting and controls. Low-emission paints. Landscaping irrigation. Solar water heating systems. Separation of recyclable and non-recyclable refuse. Carefully designed master plan and road network systems to reduce pollution. Dedicated spaces for bicycle. It’s all about living in harmony with nature, in more ways than one. The stunning views from your Condominium will set your pulse racing, while the extraordinary service will soothe your senses. There’s no shortage of space outside your window. And it won’t take you long to appreciate the room in our rooms, and the imported marble floor that flow one space into another, while the temperature remains controllable, room-by-room. Your own private space, exclusive to your needs, answering all your wants. Indulge in innovative interpretation of magnificence. This is Mezzaria. An intimate reflection of the urban chic lifestyle. And, to further enhance it is the double height living room, with balcony, for ultimate luxury and a feel of a villa in a condominium.